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Lujan USA makes Professional Automotive Service Items

Our products are widely recognized with automotive professionals as simple, reliable, and practical solutions for automotive repair and service operations.

Our shop equipment includes the Sniper Optical Headlight Aimer and the X-Change Fast Flush cooling system machine. In addition, our award winning PODLight line provides innovative LED lighting products.

The PODLight is a 3-in-1 cordless, rechargeable LED worklight, flashlight, & flashing safety strobe which features a bench top recharge pod..

The MiniPOD is a 3-in-1 cordless rechargeable work light, flashlight, and safety light that
Automatically Lights When the Power Goes Out

The MicroPOD is our new rechargeable technicians micro LED light. Although very small in size, it uses advanced technology to provide bright light. The MicroPOD plugs in to any cigarette lighter port to recharge and doubles as a cool blue night light. It includes a strong alligator style clip with a built in magnet, to provide hands free use in virtually any situation.

Future products include the ILLUMENATOR 1800 which is being engineered as an alternative to traditional halogen work lights. This new cordless and rechargeable product provides excellent lighting without the hassles of power cords. It is exceptionally durable with bulbs that do not blow when dropped. It makes job sites safer by eliminating trip hazards, eliminating electrical shock hazards while operating, and since it does not generate heat like halogen lights, it can be used in tight locations without burning or making working conditions uncomfortable. Click here for a sneak preview of this awesome new product.

Lujan USA is committed to providing the industry with products that make life easier for automotive technicians and make more money for shop owners. Our objective is to make products that are easy to use, durable, and affordable...

At Lujan USA, our motto is "Automotive Shop Equipment Made Easy..." and everything we do is based on this fundamental concept.

The PODLight is a cordless, rechargeable 3-in-1
PODLight wins PTEN Innovative Tool Award!

PODLight wins 2008 "Innovation Award" from
Professional Tool & Equipment News!

MiniPOD wins 2009 "Innovation Award" from
Professional Tool & Equipment News!

MiniPOD wins 2009 Professional Tool & Equipment News Innovation Award!


LED worklight, flashlight, and flashing safety strobe light.
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