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The PODLight is the next generation in portable lighting.

It is a cordless and rechargeable worklight, flashlight, and flashing safety strobe light, all packed into a durable, impact resistant, weatherproof housing.

PODLight 3-in-1 rechargeable worklight,  flashlight, and flashing safety strobe

The POD Light is a durable worklightDURABLE

The POD Light is a high intensity flashlight

The POD Light is a valuable safety strobeFLASHING

The PODLight provides benefits not available in other lights

  • Cordless and Rechargeable
    The PODLight operates over 8 hours as a worklight, 12 hours as a flashlight, and more than 48 hours as a flashing safety strobe between recharges.
    When operating from a 12 volt car battery, the PODLight runs for days as a worklight and weeks in the strobe mode!
  • Weatherproof
    You can use the PODLight inside or outside, rain or shine, in heat or cold!
  • Durable
    Heavy duty rubber housing absorbs impact. The light PODs WON'T BLOW when the light is DROPPED. Pods have 100,000 hour life expectancy!
  • Bright
    26 POD worklight has intensity comparable to a 60 watt bulb. It's innovative POD array provides strong light where you're working and softer light to surrounding areas.
  • It Won't Kill Your Car's Battery When Recharging
    You can keep a PODLight plugged in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter indefinitely and it will not run down the car's battery. It features a microprocessor controlled charging function that protects both the batteries in the PODLight and the vehicles battery!!
  • Flashing Safety Strobe can be used to alert others of a hazardous situation or to attract attention in time of need. This POTENTIALLY LIFE SAVING function can be extremely valuable in harsh winter weather.

Free extras make it a must-have for the home, auto, and professional workplace.

360 degree magnetic holder included, keeps the lifgt where you need it!
360 degree rotating magnetic "Hands Free Holder"
The adjustable, locking, removable holder keeps the light where you need it... Hands free!
Free 12v car charger included,  saves your car battery if used in place of your 4 way flashers

12 volt car charger
Recharge the PODLight in your car, truck, boat, 4 wheeler, airplane or any other vehicle that has a 12 volt cigarette lighter style power supply or use the 12 volt charger as a power supply.

The PODLight will operate continuously for over a week on an automotive battery!

Free 110v charger included, can be used as an emergency power cord
110 volt wall charger
Our 110 volt charge cord can also be used as a power cord if the batteries in the PODLight are dead.

The POD Light professional rechargeable work light


The PODLight is TOUGH

The PODLight is tough

One picture is worth a thousand words...

Remember that driving over your PODLight will void the warranty.

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The PODLight has even more to offer...

  • Durable RUBBER HOUSING won't scratch.
  • It is COOL TO TOUCH. Even after hours of operation it won't burn you or melt plastic it comes in contact with.
  • Innovative POD array provides STRONG light where you're working and SOFT light to surrounding areas.
  • The PODLight is protected by an industry leading warranty.
  • Lithium ion batteries can be recharged at any time, in any amount.
  • Recharging is MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED and will not overcharge batteries.
  • The PODLight is extremely ENERGY EFFICIENT. It uses about 97% less electricity than a 60 watt incandescent light.
PODlight wins PTEN Innovation Award

PODLight wins 2008 "Innovation Award" from
Professional Tool & Equipment News!

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Click here for more details and technical specifications.

Everyone Needs a PODLight
The PODLight cordless, rechargeable LED worklight, flashlight, and flashing safety strobe.
  • Auto Repair Technicians
  • Campers
  • HVAC Tech's
  • Police
  • Wrecker Operators
  • Farmers
  • Snowmobilers
  • Car owners
  • Electricians
  • Outdoorsmen
  • Truck Drivers
  • Firemen
  • Boaters
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Home owners

An important benefit for tradesmen who work out of trucks and vans is that they can leave the PODLight plugged into a cigarette lighter when not in use even when the vehicle is not running. The microprocessor controlled charging function will not run down the vehicle's battery!

This feature provides them with a cordless, portable, light that they can keep in their vehicle for use at any time!

Click here to see how people are using the PODLight.

Anyone who uses a flashlight, worklight, or flashing safety light will benefit from the PODLight. Keep it plugged in when it's not in use and it will provide long lasting, portable lighting that is available anytime and anywhere.

Wholesale buyers and factory reps please click here for more information.

*** In our testing, a vehicle was parked for three months with the PODLight turned off and plugged into the cigarette lighter. The car had no problem starting after three months.


History of the PODLight

The PODLight was designed in 2006 as a rechargeable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional work lights. As part of Lujan USA's goal to constantly improve, it has had several revisions.

The original PODLight
It featured 26 multi-angled bullet LEDs in the work light and 9 narrow angled bullet LEDs in the flashlight. It utilized nickel metal hydride batteries and is commonly viewed as PODLight 1.0.

The PODLight 2.0
Customer requests for a brighter flash light led to the PODLight 2.0. The 9 narrow angle bullet LEDs in the flashlight were replaced with a single high intensity SMD LED and a focusing reflector lens.

The PODLight 3.0
Battery technology changed and the PODLight changed with it upgrading from nickel metal hydride to lithium ion increasing battery life and the longevity of the light.

PODLight 4.0
The next generation of the PODLight will be available in 2016. Design changes are being made to increase the brightness of the work light by upgrading the PODLight 4.0 with SMD LEDs It is anticipated that this change will triple the intensity of the work light and also increase the width of the light angle.

More intelligence is being built into the PODLight 4.0. It will have a Power Out feature which automatically turns on the light when the power goes out, it will have a built in flash notification system to alert users when the battery level is getting low, and it will have a single press feature which turns off the light with a single press of the switch after 10 seconds of operation

It will also have two brightness levels for the work light. A high intensity level for maximum brightness and a low intensity level for extended battery duration.

VLT171 PODLight 4.0 MiniPOD MicroPOD Illumenator About Us

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