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Sniper Optical Headlight Aimer
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Sniper Optical Headlight Aimer
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SNIPER Specifications

Sniper Optical Headlight Aimer


Alignment to vehicle gunsight style laser
Aiming screen fixed movable
Compensation for high mounted lights on screen knob
Mast steel reinforced extruded aluminum
Warranty 1 years 2 years
Maximum lamp height 58" 58"
Floor slope accuracy .05 degree or less .05 degree or less
Floor slope measurement laser laser
SAE standards J600, J599 J600, J599
Lateral alignment accuracy .1 degree or less .1 degree or less
Horizontal accuracy .6 degree or less .6 degree or less
Vertical accuracy .3 degree or less .3 degree or less

The Sniper is approved for state inspection facilities in CA, PA, NH, NA, and
all states that do not require an electronic aimer.

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