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Lujan USA is a privately held design and manufacturing company. Corporate offices and warehouse facilities are located in Camillus NY, a western suburb of Syracuse, with manufacturing facilities in Spain and China.

Created in 1999, our goals focused on the needs of the automotive shop equipment market. Our primary objectives were, and still are today, to make practical products that are easy to use, durable, and affordable.

Success came early for Lujan USA as the industry quickly recognized the outstanding value of our products. The first product produced, the Sniper Optical Headlight Aimer is revered to this day as an industry leader in headlight aiming technology. With global sales in the millions, you will find the Sniper in many well known automotive service locations such as Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Land Rover, and Jaguar dealerships and national chains such as Munro Muffler and Firestone.

Lujan USA has continued to grow and expand its line of quality products with great success. Focusing on the needs of the professional automotive technician, the PODLight, a 3-in-1 LED rechargeable work light, flashlight, and safety strobe was introduced in 2008 and promptly won the prestigious Professional Tool and Equipment News Innovation Award. The addition of the PODLight expanded Lujan's market outside of its traditional automotive network.

In 2009, Lujan USA introduced the MiniPOD, a companion product to the PODLight. It is smaller multi purpose LED light that expands Lujan's market into the consumer safety market. Lujan's engineers were able to create a light with intelligent design features, most notably, it's unique Power Out function that automatically turns on the light if the electrical power fails. It won the prestigious Professional Tool and Equipment News Innovation Award in 2009.

The PODLight line continued to expand with the MicroPOD. A product that quicky found appeal in a wide variety of industries. Its hands free use and compact size made it an instant favorite with electricians, appliance repairman, and HVAC people. Its cigarette lighter rechargeability made it exceptionally popular in the transportation industry.

Lujan USA is currently focusing its engineering and design team on creating a better work light for automotive technicians. The team is focusing on eliminating key problems with current technology. The challenges to be overcome include eliminating excessive heat that can burn technicians, providing superior light intensity and volume while reducing electrical consumption, and providing durability that eliminates damage from frequent dropping.

2016 featured a new challenge for Lujan USA engineers. Our home state of NY implemented regulations requiring vehicle inspection facilities to measure window tint as part of their annual safety inspections. The industry was in an uproar due to the lack of availability of a reasonably priced and durable meter for this testing. Lujan's team worked closely with industry experts to solve problems associated with competitive brands and the VLT 171 was instantly accepted as the best window tint meter available for for this new requirement.

Lujan USA continues to look to the future to find ways to help repair and maintenance people do their jobs. Although initially automotive based, we now seek to help technicians in any industry and look forward to providing never ending solutions for them.

For more information on Lujan USA, please contact us, at 315-468-4140, or e-mail us at

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