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MicroPOD rechargeable technicians flashlight

Rechargeable Technicians Flashlight

MicroPOD rechargeable technicians flashlight
MicroPOD is a bright, durable, rechargeable technicians flashlight

The MicroPOD is a compact, yet extremely bright LED flashlight designed specifically for technicians. It provides the durability and features that technicians need, but its versatility makes it useful for anyone.

It includes a unique hands-free holder that provides both a strong magnetic mount and a powerful alligator clip.

The MicroPOD is an excellent replacement for traditional non-rechargeable head style work lights and doubles as a cool blue night safety light.

The MicroPOD has many outstanding features not found in other compact lights
  • Recharge the batteries instead of replacing them
    Save money because you never replace the batteries.
  • High intensity collimator lens
    Generates an extremely bright 35 lumen beam.
  • Anodized aircraft grade aluminum housing
    Provides the exceptional durability that technicians expect.
  • Very compact size
    At 2" long and 3/4" in diameter it fits comfortably in your pocket, purse, or glovebox
  • Long lasting
    100,000 hr. bulb life expectancy, that's over 10 years of continuous use!
  • Rapid recharge in any 12v power outlet or cigarette lighter socket
    In your car, truck, van, boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile.
  • Night safety light
    Cool blue safety light is available during recharge.
  • Bulb won't blow when dropped
    Unlike traditional bulbs, rugged LED bulbs do not blow when dropped.
  • It's environmentally friendly!
    The MicroPOD is extremely energy efficient, reducing energy needs and carbon emissions.
  • One switch operation
    Provides three functions, on-off-night light on recharge.
  • Spring clips on recharge housing
    Hold light tightly in charging socket for reliable recharging.
  • Optional 110v adapter
    Enjoy the convenience of recharging in any wall outlet, at home, at work, or in the office.

Rechages in any 12v power point or cigarette lighter spocket

MicroPOD rechargeable LED 2-in-1  technicians light

Versatile Clip & Aim hands free magnetic holder keeps light exactly where you need it

Unique Holder Keeps Light Exactly Where It's Needed

  • Adjustable hands-free alligator clip type holder rotates freely in any direction
    Adjusts up and down and 360 degrees side to side.
  • Strong magnet provides even more versatility
    Perfect for any metal surface including cars, appliances, electrical boxes and more.
  • Won't scratch painted surfaces
    Perfect for cars! The magnet is surrounded by a plastic housing that will not scratch painted surfaces!
  • Use as a pocket clip, glove clip, or belt clip
    Keeping the MicroPOD with you is easy, the holder will easily attach to your belt, hat, pocket or even a purse!.
  • Replaces "head light" style work lights
    Clip it to a baseball hat and it becomes a rechargeable head light!

Everyone Needs a MicroPOD
Although designed for technicians, many people enjoy the versatility of the MicroPOD
  • Automotive Technicians
  • Campers
  • HVAC Techs
  • Wrecker Operators
  • Farmers
  • Snowmobilers
  • Car Owners
  • Hunters
  • Bikers
  • Electricians
  • Outdoorsmen
  • Truck Drivers
  • Firemen
  • Boaters
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Home Owners
  • Fishermen

Recharge the MicroPOD in its optional  110v wall adapter

Wall adapter provides recharge in any 110v outlet
The optional AC/DC recharge adapter provides the convenience of recharging the MicroPOD in a shop, garage, office, or any place with a 110v electrical outlet.


Nominated for 2010 "Innovation Award" from
Professional Tool & Equipment News!

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