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Electronic aimer comparison

SNIPER Electronic aimer
No batteries required for aiming. Battery powered aimers require constant recharge and periodic replacement. Chargers are easy to lose and the recharge cord frequently gets tangled and damaged.
No electronics for aiming.

Not affected by dust and overspray in body shops.
Sensitive electronics built in, these components are vulnerable to failure from moisture, overspray, and dust in the repair shop environment.

Technician sees the headlight adjustment and visually determines if it is correct.

He can make adjustments for plow lights, driving lights, or other special use lights.

Aimer interprets beam patterns and location of light. Aiming is limited to pre-programed positions.
Technician determines correct aim.

Pass-fail system does not allow technician to aim the light.

The aimer fails a headlight that is 1" out of adjustment the same as a headlight that is 4' out of adjustment. Technician has no control over headlight aim.

Affordable. Electronic aimers are very expensive.
No floor track required. The SNIPER is aligned to vehicle at each headlight, no floor track is needed. Most require an 8í long floor track. Alignment to vehicle is performed at center of vehicle, aimer is then moved to each headlight.

Track is needed to keep aimer square to vehicle when moving aimer.

Floor track restricts use of aimer to one location or poses concerns of vehicle or building damage when moving 8í long track.
2-year warranty, plus 1 year extended warranty on 5412. The SNIPER is guaranteed to be trouble-free for 3 full years. Virtually all electronic aimers have a one year warranty.
Easily field serviceable. Most electronic repairs require factory service technician or return to factory.
Aims any light. Cannot aim all types of lights.
Tests both domestic and European headlights including new Xenon lights. Location of optical sensors is for domestic beam patterns. New headlight designs such as European style headlights (with the new xenon bulbs) will likely require additional sensors and computer reprogramming.
Simple floor slope calibration with built-in laser. Electronic aimers use several systems for floor slope measurement including complicated transits and lasers. Many are not attached to the headlight aimer.
Easy, accurate alignment to vehicle.  The SNIPER's visor is very simple to use. Simply look through the visor (like a gun sight) and align the visual line with any surface that is perpendicular to the center of the vehicle. Varied and complicated systems.
Moves easily around in shop. The L shaped wheel configuration rolls like a hand truck. Difficult to move around. Electronic aimers are heavy and the T shaped wheel configuration requires them to be tipped on one wheel or kicked in order to turn them.
Built-in Beam slope compensation for high mounted headlights such as 4wd trucks and SUVís as specified by SAE J599. Some electronic aimers have no provision at all for beam slope compensation.
Aimer head stays in alignment because the head and the mast do not rotate. Most electronic aimers use a mast that rotates. This compromises accuracy because the mast can turn when moving the aimer from the center of the vehicle to the aiming position in front of the headlights.

Most shops do not like electronic aimers because they are expensive, they are difficult to move around, and their batteries require constant recharge. The only advantage of an electronic aimer is that some shops prefer a pass-fail system.

There are several manufacturers of electronic headlight aimers. This webpage is for general comparisons, specific items vary from model to model.

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