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Visual optical headlight aimer comparison

SNIPER Other Aimers
No track required, the SNIPER's unique design eliminates the need for a floor track. Floor track restricts use of aimer to one location or poses concerns of vehicle or building damage when moving 8 long track.
Not affected by dust and overspray in body shops. Utilize alignment systems that collect sanding dust and overspray. Over time the units become cloudy and difficult to see through.
2-year warranty, plus 1 year extended warranty. The SNIPER is guaranteed to be trouble-free for 3 full years. 1 year warranty.
No electronics.

Sensitive electronics are built in. These components are vulnerable to failure from moisture and dust in the repair shop environment.
Aims any headlights. Past, present, and future designs. Cannot aim all types of headlights.
Adjusts both domestic and European headlights including new xenon lights. Integrated screen designed for all beam types. European style xenon headlight aim not available.
Easy to move around shop. The SNIPER is designed to tip on two wheels and move easily around your shop like a hand truck. Base configuration uses three or four or no wheels in a configuration that makes it very difficult to move from bay to bay.
No batteries required. Batteries require constant recharge or replacement. Chargers are easy to lose and the recharge cord frequently gets tangled and damaged.
Easy, accurate alignment to vehicle.  The Sniper's visor is very simple to use, look through the visor (like a gun sight) and the visual line with any surface that is perpendicular to the center of the vehicle. Alignment to vehicle is done with a line on a mirror or looking glass. These systems are difficult to use because the glass refracts the light passing through it, distorting the image (or reflecting 2 lines).
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