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MicroPOD Reseller Sales

MicroPOD sales are guaranteed

Lujan USA is extremely confident that resellers will enjoy rapid sales of the MicroPOD if they are displayed at a point of purchase and we are willing to back up this confidence with a sales guarantee.

We guarantee that any new reseller who displays the MicroPOD, in its countertop display, in a prominent position in their sales area will sell the MicroPODs within 60 days. If they do not sell, we will accept a return of all unopened boxes and provide a full refund for any unsold product.

Details of the program:
* Offer is for new resellers only.
* Limited to one case of MicroPODs per customer, per location.
* To qualify, reseller must display at least one countertop display of MicroPODs in a high traffic location or on a parts counter where buyers can easily see the display.
* Resellers with a charge account will be extended 60 day terms on their order. At the end of 60 days, they will be responsible for paying the invoice in full or returning any unsold MicroPODs, and paying only for the product that is not returned.
* Resellers without a charge account will pay for their order by credit card at time of order. They will be allowed 60 days to evaluate their MicroPOD sales and return any unsold items. On receipt of any returns, Lujan USA will issue a full refund for any MicroPODs returned in its original packaging in resellable condition.
* Only one return is allowed per reseller.

Call (888) 576-4737 or e-mail today to take advantage of this limited time introductory offer!

MicroPOD offers great sales potential in many markets, it is an excellent gift item, especially for men. It has a wide variety of uses for both professionals and retail customers.

* Automotive Technicians
* Campers
* HVAC Tech's
* Wrecker Operators
* Farmers
* Snowmobilers
* Car Owners
* Hunters
* Bikers

* Electricians
* Outdoorsmen
* Truck Drivers
* Firemen
* Boaters
* Contractors
* Plumbers
* Home Owners
* Fishermen

Display box sells in any environment

Call (888) 576-4737 or e-mail today to take advantage of this limited time introductory offer!


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Call us today at (888) 576-4737 for more information.

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