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People are finding many interesting uses for the PODLight.
The most obvious use for the PODLight is for professional tradesman. Electricians, HVAC tech's, wrecker operators, farmers, and mechanics are just a few of the professionals who count on the PODLight to make their life easier.

HVAC tech's

The POD Light is a tool that I just can't live without...

"I use my POD Light every day. It's great in basements and when I have to work behind a furnace or a/c unit. It is incredibly handy..."


I've got to turn off the power frequently.  The POD Light gives me the light I need to work with no power...

"I'm always turning off the power... the POD Light provides me with the light I need, when I need it..."


Safety and reliability are importany to me...

"I keep mine plugged in and I always have light to check out my truck, no matter how bad the weather... And the safety strobe... a major bonus...

Click here
to see a short video showing the durability of the PODLight

Click here
to see how the PODLight can provide life saving visibility in severe winter weather.

The POD Light is not limited to the job site. Many people use the POD Light for recreation as well! Campers, hikers, boaters, daily walkers and many others are taking advantage of the convenience of the PODLight's weatherproof reliability.

The POD Light makes me safer at night when my car breaks down...

"The PODLight made me much more visible when my car broke down..."


"I use my PODLight when I'm walking my dog. It's much brighter and more reliable than any other light I've used..."


"We track deer at dusk and use the PODLight as a beacon to make it easier to find our base camp..."

PODLight users have even found unconventional uses for the PODLight! One PODLight user found it perfect for creating lightning like flashes for his Halloween party. Another group of young adults discovered it as a "disco ball" replacement when they are camping! And of course kids have found a fun use for it, the perfect tool for night time "manhunt".
"What a cool affect... Flashing behind a tombstone... Really created a spooky atmosphere for a Halloween party..."
"The kids have a great time playing in the dark. They've come up with a bunch of games using the POD Light..."
"I can't believe how often I use my POD Light... It seems like everyday I find another reason to use it..."

Users have even come up with creative business applications. A used car dealer leaves a PODLight in his cars at night to bring attention to his vehicles. A pizza shop uses the PODLight as temporary illumination for a roadside sign and a contractor uses one as a temporary entry light.
"I know this sounds crazy, but customers are attracted to the flashing light in our used cars... They keep asking... What IS that light!"
"Our town would not allow us to erect a light for our small sign. We use the PODLight to illuminate the sign so our customers can find us at night..."
"Any time we need temporary or portable lighting, we use our PODLight. It's great, works in any weather including the terrible winter weather in upstate NY..."

If you have a photo or interesting story of your use of the PODLight, please share it with us. E-mail

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Note: Some government agencies or municipalities limit the use of white flashing lights. Be sure it is ok to use the flash function of the PODLight for your application prior to use.

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